It is a multimedia box consisting of different products complemented by the Innovation Guide and enriched by partners. 

The Innovation Box looks like a staircase, a container and an archive, consisting of sections, where in the first step is the online research material and the final selection of the most important and flexible projects for innovation in prisons.

On the second step, the results of the survey of teachers and teachers in prison, in Italy and on a more limited target in Portugal, on their working conditions, where, in particular, the urgent need for space resources and adequate technological equipment is clearly apparent.   

Then, the tools that have been developed for research and research, the links to the videos, the texts and the images that document the history of the project.   

At the top of the stairs, finally, the indication of the guide for the use of virtual reality with the depiction of the method and its application, the proposed technology and pilot studies.

The Innovation Box is made up of two products:

●          Comparative Survey about educational policies for the targeted groups plus detection of innovative initiatives, tools and methods

●          Innovation guide based on the survey’s results.

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